PowerHouse Gears


Tournament Coordinator 7.01 (Full Version)


The most comprehensive bowling tournament software package available.

•Runs a variety of tournaments, including royalty-free brackets and side pots
•Saves time - only enter score once for all functions
•Prints out real-time standings and payouts
•Captures winner amounts automatically for each player
•“No duplication” bracket program (Bracket Coordinator Program included)
•Records tournament histories for instant recall of statistical reports
•Automatically records bowlers’ names into the name/address database
•Lets you produce brochures, address lists, labels and envelopes by selected bowler groups
•Divisions with average ranges. The bowlers/teams will automatically be entered
•New lanes assigned report - detail by average option book style
•Bowler/team count per squad was added to the outstanding balances report
•New individual handicap printed on singles brackets and score retrieval
•New all events standings in web format
•Confirmation labels screen allow skipping number of labels
•Windows 7 compatible

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT, 8 MB RAM (16 MB preferred), Windows-compatible mouse or pointing device, 20 MB of hard drive space, VGA or SVGA (or compatible display adapter and graphic card (640 x 480), Windows compatible printer (4 pages per minute or higher preferred).