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Jaclyn Marinkovich, a.k.a. Jackie Bowling, has what many would consider a dream job doing interviews on the PBA tour. What you may not know is that she’s the biggest fan in bowling.

Her journey in bowling started at the age of 8, as a member of a family of devout league bowlers, but it wasn’t until 2009 that her passion for bowling really grew.

“I went to spectate at the World Series of Bowling near my home in Detroit in 2009,” said Marinkovich. “I participated in the Pro-Am events, and got to meet some of my favorite professional bowlers. After that event, I was hooked. I then went to as many events as possible that year.”

At that year’s Baltimore event, PBA player Chris Barnes invited Marinkovich to attend the Dream Camp, led by Mark Baker and including players Barnes, Tommy Jones, Bill O’Neill, Jason Couch, Doug Kent, Dino Castillo, and Kelly Kulick. In the meantime, Marinkovich personally became the PBA’s most vocal advocate, talking about the game and the events as often as possible.

In August of 2010, Marinkovich was invited by the PBA to interview Wayne Webb, the winner of a senior event held in Jaskson, Mich. With no broadcasting experience or training, the PBA’s biggest fan, Jackie Bowling, was born.

The PBA was so impressed with Marinkovich’s passion for the game, they asked her to join pba.com’s Xtra Frame team, as the ‘fan personality’ interviewing players between matches about their game and equipment.

Marinkovich’s involvement on pba.com’s Xtra Frame caught the attention of the Powerhouse Brand Manager. Powerhouse produces a line of bowling pro shop equipment and maintenance products for both pro shops and consumers.

“Jackie’s an excellent fit for the Powerhouse Brand,” said Rich Hanson, Powerhouse Brand Manager.  “We noticed that she had a great personality, and she seemed like a very genuine person, so we approached the PBA to see if we could sponsor her interviews.”

The first Powerhouse Locker Room Report was held during the 2010 World Series of Bowling in Las Vegas, Nev. As part of the agreement, Powerhouse sponsors the Locker Room at all PBA events, providing all the equipment players need to stay ahead of the competition.

“Powerhouse’s involvement with the players’ Locker Room brings a level of professionalism to the events,” said Hanson. “Everything is neat and organized. Players have access to Powerhouse Cabinet Spinners and Abralon® pads to alter the surfaces of their equipment, and all the Powerhouse cleaners and polishes they need to keep their equipment performing at the highest level.”

Hanson explained that Jackie Bowling is a crucial part of that involvement.

“Having Jackie interview the players gives the viewers an inside look at the daily grind on the PBA tour, all courtesy of Powerhouse,” he added. “And the Powerhouse brand is always in the viewer’s eye.”

Marinkovich is also a fan of the Powerhouse brand.

“Powerhouse is ‘The Professional’s Choice’, and if you want to be like the pros, then you’d better use the best on the market,” she said.

For the 2011-2012 bowling season, Marinkovich has been signed to a full staff contract by Powerhouse, so that she’ll represent the brand not only on tour but at industry events as well.

“We plan on having Jackie represent Powerhouse at every PBA event this season,” said Hanson. “This includes all Xtra Frame events. We also plan on having her attend Bowl Expo along with some other trade shows throughout the year. Most importantly, she’ll be included in some of the product demonstration videos we’ve started airing on the powerhousebowling.com website.”

For Jackie, the Powerhouse contract will help her to attain her most important goal: more knowledge about the sport of bowling.

“I am looking forward to attending the Powerhouse Pro Shop 5-day Clinic in October,” said Marinkovich. “I’ll be attending just before the World Series of Bowling, and I plan on using the skills that I learn there on the road. Most importantly, I feel it is a must that I be aware of the needs in the Locker Room regarding the Powerhouse products so that the brand is well-presented, accessible, and respected, by both the bowlers and the consumers watching our broadcasts at home.”

According to Hanson, that’s not the most important part of Marinkovich’s role with Powerhouse. In the end, perhaps her greatest asset remains that Jaclyn Marinkovich is at heart a bowler, and a huge fan of bowling.

“The bottom line is that Jackie is personally connected with the product and the sport,” he said. “Her passion for the game shows and the consumers can sense it.”

And that’s something to which all bowlers can relate.

The Powerhouse™ Locker Room Reports will next be featured on pba.com’s Xtra Frame throughout the World Series of Bowling. Watch the Powerhouse™ Locker Room Reports at http://www.pba.com or on YouTube.

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